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Unleash your creativity in 6 different themes and stand a chance to win our amazing cash prizes.

Food & Products

A wide application of palm oil in food and non-food products as well as the utilisation of biomass into valuable by-products is a clear indication of its high value. The advantages of palm oil includes its nutritional content (vitamin E, free of trans fat and cholesterol) excellent frying properties, and ability to prolong the shelf life of manufactured products as it is oxidative resistant.

Palm-based oleochemicals used in non-food products such as cosmetics and personal care, provide moisturising action, facilitate the removal of dirt or oil, and prevent separation of water and oil. Being of vegetable-origin, they are made from sustainable sources and have superior biodegradation characteristics, unlike petrochemicals. A ‘still life’ photo can also be in the theme.

Examples of photos: Food, Skincare, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Household Stuff, Factory production of products.


Sawit is a Malay word that means ‘palm’, which refers to both the tree, oil palm, and the product, palm oil. The oil palm is a generous plant, the highest yielding oil crop with versatile oil uses besides food. Naturally, palm oil has become a substantial source of income for Malaysia and other palm oil producing countries. Being part of the lives of many while offering various economic, environmental, culinary and health benefits – it is truly a divine blessing for humankind.

All these can be translated through the expressions and identity of the individual or collective people and portraits that are related to the palm oil industry or subject. A lifestyle concept that will portray the important role of palm oil in everyday life

Examples of photos: Daily life photo with the usage of palm oil subject such as food, cosmetic, conceptual shots inside the plantation area


By using the power of imagination, a combination of photos and computer graphics design, translate mind creativity to digital illustration. No limits of layering, and concept must be related to Palm Oil.

Examples of photos: Photo and graphic design, conceptual design and digital manipulative design using Palm Oil products or subject matter as canvas or layering.


Only specific for the submission of Black & White concept photos, from any subject or object related to Palm Oil.

Examples of photos: Classic colour of sephia or black & white, converted colored photos.


This particular theme can be interpreted in many ways including animals, insects, or other living creatures which are in the oil palm farmland or plantation areas, or the majestic landscape view of the plantations. Or, it can creatively focus on living creatures in relation to palm-based products.

Examples of photos: Landscapes, Wildlife, Flora and Fauna


More than 450,000 small farmers are part of the Malaysian palm oil industry. This is their source of livelihood, the way to a better future with education opportunities for their children. These small farmers, and many more around the world are benefiting considerably from the palm oil industry.

Balancing economic pursuit and environmental conservation, Malaysia has a credible and internationally recognised national palm oil certification scheme, promoting sustainable management of oil palm in Malaysia, called Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO).

Capture the expressions and identity of the small farmers, individual or collective workers in relation to the oil palm farmland, plantation, palm oil production, etc. While portraiture typically focuses on the face, emotions and stories can be shown in other ways as well.

Examples of photos: Photographs that focus on people, or a person. Environmental or studio portraits. Posed or completely natural/candid shots