healthy breakfast

bread, peanut butter, butter and others are food products, one of which is made from palm oil, because palm oil produces vegetable oil that can be consumed by humans.

photo by : Wisnu Yudowibowo (Indonesia)

1st Runner Up

Palm fruit splash in palm oil

photo by : Abdul Kareem (United Arab Emirates)

2nd Runner Up

Rainbow Noodle

During the Pandemic, many business as a traditional market are force to sell their product online, 

it cause the changing of habit in market from traditional bargaining to online selling, make them had to have appealing nice of the product they sell

and also make the consumer more aware of healthy food, this rainbow noodle are made from all healthy ingredients, the colour of the noodle are made from nature color such as spinach, beat fruit and carrot.

photo by : Yudi Leonardo (Indonesia)